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Vorys Launches Internet Defamation Removal Blog

Vorys is pleased to announce the launch of its sixth blog, the Internet Defamation Removal Attorneys blog. The blog will serve as a go-to source for information and resources related to stopping internet defamation and getting disparaging content removed from various websites. Since the Vorys internet defamation group began in 2012, our 18 attorneys have worked on hundreds of internet-related cases from across the country. The team of attorneys has developed unique solutions for companies and professionals being defamed, attacked or otherwise damaged online.

Defamatory content posted online can destroy the reputation of an individual, a small business or a Fortune 500 company. Vorys attorneys have developed a number of strategies – including multi-disciplinary ones – to address the negative situations individuals and companies can face online. Contributors from the Vorys internet defamation group will provide helpful information regarding internet issues, including strategies for removing damaging content, new risks and new types of attacks individuals and businesses are facing online.

“We often work with cyber investigators to quickly identify and stop anonymous defamers, remove defamatory information from the internet and recover damages for our clients,” said Whitney Gibson, the leader of the Vorys internet defamation practice and the blog’s editor. “Application of these strategies and techniques will be outlined on the Internet Defamation Removal Attorneys blog. We will also regularly update the blog to reflect the various circumstances in which harmed people and businesses are seeking help.”

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