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Vorys Attorneys Included in Law360 Story titled “GE To Get $11M From US In CERCLA Settlement”

Vorys Partners Joseph Lonardo, Mark Norman and Anthony Osterlund were mentioned as counsel for General Electric Co. (GE) in a Law360 story regarding a settlement over hazardous waste cleanup costs related to a former U.S. Air Force plant site.  In the settlement, which was approved by a federal judge on July 2, 2012, the U.S. government agreed to pay GE $11 million and pay for 67 percent of future response costs.

The story states:

“GE spent $18.1 million to buy the facility from the government in 1989, when the Air Force and GE agreed to share the liability for environmental response costs incurred by the company, according to the suit. For the past 11 years, however, GE said it had been forced to cover all of the required response actions on its own, under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency direction.

Under the agreement, the U.S. government will pay GE $11 million on behalf of the Air Force within 120 days of the consent decree's approval. The government is also responsible for 67 percent of future response costs addressing contamination at the plant, including those incurred by GE since August.”

To read the entire story, please visit the Law360 website. (Subscription required).

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