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Vorys Attorney Quoted About Ohio Supreme Court’s Contempt Finding Against Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Bruce Ingram, a partner in the Vorys Columbus office, was quoted in a Columbus Dispatch story entitled “ODNR, director found in contempt.”  The story was about the Ohio Supreme Court’s ruling on a contempt of court motion filed by Ingram and a team of Vorys attorneys. The Court ruled that Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) was moving too slowly to comply with its order compensate 87 farmers, families and business owners along Grand Lake St. Marys whose land floods during rain storms because of a dam ODNR constructed in 1997.  The Court found the department in contempt and ordered it to complete appraisals within 90 days and begin appropriation proceedings within 120 days to compensate landowners.

The story states:

“The ruling came just one day after the court held a contempt hearing at the request of landowners who complained that the state was dragging its feet. It’s been more than a year since Gov. John Kasich’s administration was ordered to compensate landowners.

Attorneys in the case said their research uncovered no other ruling in Ohio’s history in which a cabinet official and state agency had been found in contempt.

Bruce L. Ingram, attorney for the landowners, said yesterday that the contempt ruling was “very gratifying” for the landowners.

‘The Mercer County landowners’ right to speedy justice has once again been vindicated by the Ohio Supreme Court’s ruling holding ODNR in contempt of court,’ he said. ‘By ordering the compensation cases to commence in 120 days, the deliberate foot-dragging and delay by ODNR ends today.’”

To read the entire story, visit the Columbus Dispatch website.

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