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Tangeman Featured in NBC4 Story on Columbus’ Zoning Code

Jill Tangeman, a partner in the Vorys Columbus office, was featured in a NBC4 (WCMH) story titled “Columbus to overhaul zoning code for first time in 70 years.”  According to the story, the city of Columbus could soon make a massive overhaul to its zoning code.

The story states:

“Changes to the code will impact essentially anyone who lives in the city of Columbus whether it be through personal construction projects or what is built in the neighborhoods and plots surrounding them.

‘The city of Columbus zoning code sets forth all of the regulations, development standards, rules, policies about how land gets developed and used in the city of Columbus, so it truly impacts everyone,’ said Jill Tangeman, a partner with Vorys law firm in Columbus. ‘There have been updates to the code over the years, but I would say they have been more patches as opposed to a complete review of the policies, processes, and procedures. This will be the first time, certainly in my lifetime, that there has been a really complete review of the city of Columbus zoning code.’

Tangeman has assisted in the annexation, zoning, and entitlement of several large mixed-use developments and residential properties in the region. In other words, she’s no stranger to dealing with the zoning code. Tangeman agrees with the city’s assessment of the code, especially the finding that the current code has a complex decision-making process that creates uncertainty for potential builders.

‘The processes are lengthy and they lead to uncertainty in the process and as we are looking to bring new businesses, and more importantly, new jobs to the city, that zoning code can be a deterrent,’ Tangeman said. ‘They want to know coming into the city that if they follow the processes, if they adhere to the development standards and the regulations, that they will get their approvals and right now the code just doesn’t lend itself to that kind of certainty.’”

To see the entire story on the WCMH website, click here.

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