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Stratton Quoted in Springfield News Sun Story Titled “Mental Illness in Jail Costs us all: What’s Clark Co. Doing About it?”

Eve Stratton, of counsel in the Vorys Columbus office who prior to joining Vorys was a justice on the Supreme Court of Ohio, was quoted throughout a Springfield News Sun story titled led a titled, “Mental illness in Jail Costs us all: What’s Clark Co. Doing About it?”

Stratton was featured in the story because she serves at the Stepping Up Ohio director. According to the story, Stepping up Ohio has joined Clark County to reduce the number of people in jails with mental illness. The story was about a meeting that Stratton facilitated on the topic which drew over 60 Clark County community members.

The story states:

“‘They’ve been homeless, they’ve been through emergency rooms, they’ve been through shelters, food pantries — lots of costs to the system and it cycles over and over with very poor outcomes,’ said Stepping Up Ohio Director Evelyn Lundberg Stratton.

A kickoff meeting of close to 60 Clark County community members was held on Friday to address the issue. Attendees ran the gamut from local government officials, judges, treatment providers and city and county law enforcement.

Lundberg said all county jails in Ohio have inadvertently become inpatient mental health facilities in addition to their purpose of incarcerating individuals.”

To read the entire story, visit the Springfield News Sun website.

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