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Stratton Quoted in Columbus Dispatch Article Titled “Advocates Talk 'Over-Criminalization' of Mentally Ill”

Eve Stratton, of counsel in the Vorys Columbus office who prior to joining Vorys served as justice on the Supreme Court of Ohio for 16 years, was quoted in a Columbus Dispatch story titled  “Advocates Talk 'Over-Criminalization' of Mentally Ill.”  The story was about the speakers and discussion at the 2015 National Alliance on Mental Illness Ohio state conference.

The story states:

Former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, a longtime advocate for the mentally ill who attended the conference, said she thinks Ohio judges are making inroads in the criminalization issue by creating separate mental health courts.

Stratton said she wishes her fellow Republicans in the General Assembly would realize treating mental illness outside prison is far less costly than treating it inside.

‘If they are for smaller government and greater efficiency, they will see incarcerating the mentally ill is one of the biggest expenses.’”

To read the entire story, visit the Columbus Dispatch website. (Subscription may be required).

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