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Stratton Quoted In the Sentinel-Tribune Article Titled "How Mental Illness Law is Changing Ohio Death Row"

Vorys attorney Eve Stratton was quoted by Sentinel-Tribune in a story regarding how mental illness law is changing Ohio death row.

The article states:

"Then, in 2014, an Ohio Supreme Court task force on the death penalty released a report with 56 recommendations for changing capital punishment in Ohio. Recommendation No. 8 outlined a ban on executions if offenders had specific mental illnesses at the time they committed their crimes. By contrast, the "mental disease or defect" language could also apply to inmate mental illnesses developed or exacerbated after incarceration.

The new standard was backed by former GOP state Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, a longtime proponent for taking mental illness into consideration in the criminal justice system.

"The 'evolving standards of decency' which prohibit the execution of juveniles and those with intellectual disabilities should prohibit execution of those with serious mental illness," Lundberg Stratton testified before the Legislature in May 2019."

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