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Mills Featured in Ohio Public Radio Story Titled “Committee Considers Term Limits Extension For November Ballot”

Fred Mills, a partner in the Vorys Columbus office and the leader of the firm’s government relations group, was interviewed for an Ohio Public Radio story titled “Committee Considers Term Limits Extension For November Ballot.”  The story was about the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission’s discussion about removing or expanding term limits for Ohio lawmakers. 

The story states:

“Fred Mills—former chief of staff for the Ohio House—would like to see term limits go away. He says the limits, which were approved by voters in the early 90’s, mean leaders with strong institutional knowledge—such as Batchelder and Sykes—get the boot too soon.

‘We threw out 800 years of experience in ’92. I think we have inherent term limits—they’re called elections,’ said Mills. 

Mills is part of the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission, which has been discussing ways to reform the Ohio constitution. And term limits is the next issue on their radar. “

To read and/or listen to the story, click here.

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