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Lonardo Profiled in Legal Bisnow

Joseph Lonardo, the managing partner of the Vorys Washington, D.C. office, was profiled in a Legal Bisnow story titled “The Lawyer and the Pope.”  The story highlighted Lonardo’s meeting with Pope Francis during a trip to Italy he took with the National Italian American Foundation.  The story states:

“He tells us Pope Francis has a magnetic personality and stays to speak with you as long as you like. (It couldn't hurt that Joe spoke with him in Italian.) ‘It's a moment where you feel suspended from everything else,’ he says. Two members of each selected delegation visiting get a private audience—out of about 130,000 in St. Peter's Square. NIAF started prepping for this visit the week Pope Francis was chosen. It's the largest group repping Americans of Italian descent and works closely with the Italian American Congressional delegation; Joe is on its board.”

The story also highlighted Lonardo’s work as an environmental litigator, stating:

“Joe's been Vorys DC managing partner for 15 years and the lead environmental litigation partner. One recent win was repping GE in its first suit against the US—a Superfund case against the Air Force. Vorys recovered a ‘very substantial’ settlement and an agreement by the US to pay 75% of all future costs. Another is a win recently affirmed for Goodyear in the Vermont Supreme Court. Joe tells us the next big wave of matters in environmental litigation could come from two areas: the expansion of the toxic tort field as science investigates and debates links between certain diseases and exposures to toxic substances; and corporations on cleanup issues preemptively resolving liabilities to one another, as opposed to the US suing to clean up a site.”

To read the entire story, visit the Legal Bisnow website.

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