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Nathaniel Lampley, the managing partner of the Vorys Cincinnati office and a member of the litigation group, returned to his alma mater, Hamilton High School, as the commencement speaker for the 2013 graduating class. A story titled “Hamilton High School alumnus speaks at 2013 commencement,” outlined Lampley’s speech.

The story states:

“First, Lampley told a story about Albert Einstein. Once, while at a train station awaiting his departure, a young member of the crew found the renowned genius on his knees looking for his ticket to board the train. The young man said, ‘Mr. Einstein, we know who you are, go ahead and board the train.’ Einstein responded, ‘It’s not who I am, it’s where I am going. I have forgotten where I am going.’ It is like that for all of us, but particularly those embarking on a life of adulthood: it is not who they are, who their parents are or who their friends are—it’s where they are going. Throughout time, education has taken us as individuals and as professionals to great places. Lampley suggested that if these graduates harness their education, they will go great places as well.

Herschel Stein once said, ‘Education is what we remember when we have forgotten everything we have learned.’ Lampley was confident that these graduated know to make good choices and will learn from occasional bad ones they are sure to make along the way. The wisdom they will gain from their journeys will only be made more valuable by their excellent experience at Hamilton High School.”

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