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Keller Quoted in Daily Jeffersonian Story Titled “Ohio Supreme Court Takes 'Home Rule' Case Involving Community of Munroe Falls and the Gas and Oil Industry”

John Keller, a partner in the Vorys Columbus office, was quoted throughout a Daily Jeffersonian story titled “Ohio Supreme Court takes 'home rule' case involving community of Munroe Falls and the gas and oil industry.”  The story was about case that the Ohio Supreme Court will hear in November regarding the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' exclusive authority (under state law) to regulate oil and gas drilling activities.  

The story states:

“‘In 2004, the Ohio legislature granted exclusive regulation of oil and gas wells in Ohio to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It's the law. And, although it has been challenged many times in county courts, the law was ruled valid and upheld,’ said Keller. ‘Beck Energy followed procedure before they began drilling. It was issued a permit from the state to drill a vertical well. Most permits are granted because they meet the rules. We have one set of rules and laws that apply to everyone.’

‘The local government cannot require a permit. Period. The Court of Appeals stated the drilling ordinances are in direct conflict with state statues and the city cannot enforce the ordinances as presently written. Although the city is permitted to enforce right-of-way ordinances regarding drilling activities, provided these ordinances are not just used against the oil and gas industry.'"

To read the entire story, visit the Daily Jeffersonian website.

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