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Ingram Quoted in Columbus Dispatch story entitled “State justices hear residents’ case against ODNR”

Bruce Ingram, a partner in the Vorys Columbus office, was quoted in a Columbus Dispatch story about a hearing regarding the possible contempt of court by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).  At the hearing before the Ohio Supreme Court, ODNR was asked to explain the length of time it was taking to comply with a December 2011 Ohio Supreme Court ruling.  The ruling ordered the department to compensate 87 farmers, families and business owners along Grand Lake St. Marys whose land floods during rain storms because of a dam ODNR constructed in 1997.

The story states:

“Bruce L. Ingram, an attorney for the landowners, asked the court to force the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to complete land appraisals within either 30 or 90 days; order the state to deposit money equal to the value of the appraisals; pay a fine and cover the plaintiffs’ court costs for the contempt hearing; and appoint a visiting judge to assist the Mercer County court in hearing each case. Stokes said ODNR would not be able to finish the work until the end of 2013.

‘We have had three of our clients who have died since this action was brought,’ Ingram said. ‘Unfortunately we will probably lose more than that before’ the cases are resolved, he added, referring to the lengthy process of the state completing land appraisals and making an offer to each plaintiff, the state filing a “case” in Mercer County within 30 days if the plaintiff rejects the state’s offer, and having that case resolved in a jury trial.”

To read the story, visit the Columbus Dispatch website. (Subscription may be required).

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