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Ingram Quoted in Columbus Dispatch Story Titled “Landowners Owed Money Want ODNR Held in Contempt”

Bruce Ingram, a partner in the Vorys Columbus office, was quoted in a Columbus Dispatch story about ongoing litigation between the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and landowners whose properties flood because of ODNR’s widening of a Grand Lake St. Marys dam spillway. The property owners have asked the Ohio Supreme Court to find the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in contempt for the second time for failing to fairly compensate them.

The story states:

“Bruce Ingram, a Columbus lawyer representing the landowners, told justices that state officials have ‘blatantly violated’ the court’s orders by attempting to introduce a new flooding study to justify paying less in damages.

Some of the justices critically questioned the failure of ODNR officials to promptly move on taking cases to court to determine how much in damages will be awarded to landowners on the basis of record flooding in 2003.

Ingram said the state changed tactics after the first four cases went to trial and resulted in verdicts totaling $3.7 million — 274 percent more than the values state officials had placed on the land ‘taken’ by flooding.

‘It appears they said, ‘Wow, we might be on the hook for a lot more than we anticipated ... let’s try to change the rules of the game’  ’ so property owners receive less — or no — money, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor said.”

To read the entire story, visit the Columbus Dispatch website. (Subscription may be required).

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