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Gibson Talks about Internet Defamation and CyberBullying on 700WLW

Whitney Gibson, a partner in the Vorys Cincinnati office and the leader of the firm’s internet defamation group, spoke with 700 WLW about a presentation he gave to teens at Mason High School about social media, cyberbullying and creating a positive reputation online. 

In the interview, Gibson discussed how nothing on the internet is private or anonymous.  He said:

“A lot of people think that when they get on their Facebook page, for example, that only their friends are going to see their posts.  But, what happens very often is just that one person will copy a picture or some information and they will share it with someone else and it will get spread around the internet.  So, we really encourage people to use the front page test, we call it. Which is assume that anything you post on a social media site is going to end up on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer or another newspaper.”

To listen to the interview, click here.

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