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Gibson Featured in Story on Tweens, Teens and Social Media

Whitney Gibson, a partner in the Vorys Cincinnati office and the leader of the firm’s internet defamation group, was featured in a FashionPlaytes story titled “36 Social Media Experts & Parents Share Tips On How To Keep Your Tween Safe On Social Media.” 

According to the story, there are very real safety concerns that exist on the internet today that every parent should know.  The author of the story asked: "How can you keep your tween safe on social media (or is this really even a problem)?"

Gibson responded by stating:

‘“It is important for kids and teenagers – or really anyone using social media – to realize you cannot assume anything you do online is going to remain private. One of the most common problems I see as an internet attorney is somebody calling after they have shared a photograph or private information with somebody else. They thought it was going to remain private but it didn’t. I see people run into this problem a lot with Facebook.

Theoretically, you only communicate with your ‘friends’ and use privacy protections to shield your content from others. However, all it takes is one friend to share that photo or statement with somebody else, and it can end up spreading around the internet.”’

To read the rest of Gibson’s response and the entire story, click here.

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