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Gibson Discusses Virginia Supreme Court Case on Anonymous Yelp Reviews with LXBN TV

Whitney Gibson, the leader of the Vorys internet defamation group, appeared on LXBN TV to discuss a Virginia Supreme Court case on anonymous Yelp reviews.  To watch the video, click play above.

The case has garnered media attention because the business, Hadded Carpet Cleaning, had generally favorable Yelp reviews until early 2012. At that time, the owner noticed a series of harsh posts on Yelp. The owner claims that “at least seven” of the negative reviews are fake, based on his inability to match them with actual customers, times, locations and other sales data.

In January, the Virginia Court of Appeals ordered Yelp to comply with a subpoena, which asked the website to turn over the identities of the individuals behind several anonymous Yelp reviews. Yelp has appealed the decision the Virginia Supreme Court. Read more about the case on the Vorys Defamation Removal Attorneys Blog.

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