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Ford Featured as a Guest on Houston Public Media’s Bauer Business Focus

Jackie Ford, a partner in the Vorys Houston office and a member of the labor and employment group, was a featured guest on Houston Public Media’s Bauer Business Focus program.  Ford spoke with the program’s host, Andrew Schneider, about how employers can develop policies to try and reduce the risks of violence occurring on their property.

Ford told Schneider:

 “The number one thing… is to do a reference check on the people that you hire… The second thing you do is a criminal background check… The third thing you can do is a Google check… [In this last approach,] you’re going to find information about things you’re not allowed to ask about in the interview. So you have to have a way up front of culling that information out before the decision maker sees it.”

Ford also added:

 “Psychiatrists and workplace psychologists will tell you that there is no single profile of a violent workplace offender… and because most of us as employers really do not have the ability or skill to differentiate between that and just someone who’s just cranky and difficult to get along with, sending people out for a psychological evaluation [is a useful approach].”

To listen to the entire interview, visit the Houston Public Radio website.

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