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Ehler Quoted in AP Story Entitled "Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Nonhighway Use of Fuel Taxes"

Anthony Ehler, a partner in the  Vorys Columbus office, was quoted in an Associated Press story entitled “Ohio Supreme Court rejects nonhighway use of fuel taxes.”  The story highlighted the Ohio Supreme Court’s December 7, 2012 ruling that using money collected from taxes on gasoline on anything but highway-related programs is unconstitutional. 

The story states:

“Groups opposed to the tax had argued the Ohio Constitution bars money raised from the sale of fuel from being used on anything but highway upkeep.

‘The diversion of any of these excise taxes undermines the will of the people to preserve the Motor-Vehicle-Fuel-related excise tax base for public road repair and construction,’ Anthony Ehler, an attorney representing both construction companies and county engineers whose budgets rely on fuel taxes, said in a March 20 court filing.

Ehler said Friday the decision won’t raise or lower taxes that people pay for fuel but will improve driving in Ohio.

‘Ultimately, it will mean better funding for roads and bridges and safe driving,’ Ehler said.”

To read the entire story, click here.

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