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Balmert Quoted in Akron Legal News Story Titled “Discussion Continues About 2-year Law Schools”

F. Daniel Balmert, the managing partner of the Vorys Akron office, was quoted in an Akron Legal News story about the ongoing national debate over the three-year classroom education requirements associated with a law school education.  According to the story, the American Bar Association’s Task Force on the Future of Legal Education recently released a working paper that suggested changing the view of law schools from educational institutions to technical schools.

The story states;

“Akron attorney F. Daniel Balmert, for one, thinks that that third year may not be necessary under all circumstances.

‘This is not a new concept. Northwestern has had this for some time,’ said Balmert. His basic opinion on the topic is that, ‘so long as law schools are able to fully train the students to fully and thoughtfully respond to the 11 core subjects of the bar exam, I don’t have a deep concern with a two-year program.’

At the same time, Balmert also thinks that a third year after a two-year legal education would be spent in an apprenticeship with an attorney as another requisite for practice.”

To read the entire story, visit the Akron Legal News website.

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