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Albers featured in Cleveland Plain Dealer story on Ohio’s Health Care Constitutional Amendment

Matt Albers, of counsel in the firm’s Cleveland office, was featured in a Cleveland Plain Dealer article regarding the impact of the passage of  state Issue 3.  Issue 3, as worded on the ballot,  preserves Ohioans “freedom to choose their health care and health care coverage." 

The article, which is entitled “State Issue 3 won't have a big impact on health care in the short term, experts say” states:  “Experts like Albers agree that the issue will have no impact on the legal tussle in federal courts over the new federal health care law, although it will prevent Ohio from enacting its own Massachusetts-style law.”

“‘Issue 3 will have no ability to forestall the federal legislation if it passes muster,’ Albers said. ‘It's really sort of an internal state decision not to go forward with a state-level mandated health insurance program.’”

To read the entire article, visit the Cleveland Plain Dealer website.

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