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Proactive Strategies to Address Unionization Attempts

The marked increase in unionization efforts nationally is obvious; but solutions that will address the cause, rather than the effects, of such unionization efforts are less clear. For decades, employees have turned to labor unions when they feel their company is not listening to their collective demands. Employees now have a renewed interest in communicating with labor unions to act on their behalf when they do not get what they want. For their part, unions are focusing organizational efforts on industries that have not traditionally been unionized.

In this session, Dan Clark and Michael Shoenfelt addressed the proactive measures companies can take now to address potential unionization. These focused on organic ways companies can stay close to their employees and how to identify warning signs. They also addressed crucial legal steps if union organizing commences. This webinar provided an overview of the following:

  • The importance of proactive behavior and flexibility in employee relations, including on matters such salary, benefits, and scheduling
  • Ways management have facilitated successful campaigns to ensure employees know management is listening, they have management’s respect and their concerns are being addressed
  • Effective and legally compliant ways to best navigate a unionization campaign

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