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Ohio Bankers League Webinar

Vorys Partner Jeff Smith presented a webinar hosted by the Ohio Bankers League (OBL) on October 29, 2019. The title of the webinar was, “Exam Schedules, Bona Fide Error Defense and New Notice Requirements, OH MY! Understanding How Recent Ohio Legislative Changes Affect Your Bank.”

The webinar covered the following questions:

  • Did you know that recent state legislative changes could extend your ODFI exam schedule?
  • Have you heard that there is a new “bona fide error” defense that can provide very important legal protections for your bank?
  • Are you confused regarding the new state notice requirements regarding collection of debts secure by residential real estate passed at the end of the last General Assembly that can provide important protections for your bank?
  • Do you want a succinct webinar touching on the legislative changes affecting your bank?

To learn more about OBL click here.

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