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Brand-Standing – Practical Advice to Protect Your Trademarks and Brands in E-Commerce, Social Media, and Business Transactions

TechColumbus Business Breakfast Series presented an informative session with Vorys attorneys Rick Donnell and Craig Auge.

Mr. Donnell and Mr. Auge discussed actions that will pay off in the future – and help to avoid common branding mistakes:

  • “But that’s our company’s name” – Trademarks vs. Trade Names
  • “I’m funding the company, so I’ll own the brand”
  • When Trademarks Are Copyrights (but Not Patents)
  • Getting Investors to Give Your Company its “Due Diligence”
  • Owning and Controlling Your Brand in Agreements and Licenses
  • Avoid Infringement
  • Domain Name Strategies
  • “Who sent that tweet?” – Controlling Accounts
  • Playing “Whack-a-Mole” on the Web – Self-Help Policing and Enforcement
  • Guidelines for Third-Party Use
  • Best Offense Is a Good Defense – Planning for International Expansion 

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