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Are You Required to Pay Sales Tax Outside of Ohio?

Tony Ehler and Steven Smiseck, attorneys in the Vorys Columbus office and members of the tax group, hosted a complimentary webinar on April 8, 2020 titled, “Are You Required to Pay Sales Tax Outside of Ohio?” The Supreme Court decision in South Dakota vs. Wayfair changed the world of sales tax. In response, most states have enacted economic nexus laws that require remote sellers to collect and remit sales even with no physical presence. Remote sellers can get caught from behind in this new world order. In addition, states have adopted a hodgepodge of rules directed at marketplace facilitators who are tasked with sales tax collection responsibilities as vendors and sellers.

This webinar provided information and explanation to better understand the rise of economic nexus and how to determine whether you are required to collect and remit sales tax across the country. Click here to watch the on-demand recording.

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