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2018 OHCA Annual Convention and Expo

Vorys attorneys Lisa Reisz, Robin Amicon and Mairi Mull were speakers at the 2018 OHCA Annual Convention and Expo on May 2-3, 2018.

Lisa’s presentation was titled “HIPAA 2018: Compliance Pitfalls, Challenges and Solutions.” She provided an overview of a provider’s privacy and security obligations under HIPAA and state law, identified common pitfalls tripping up providers as they use and disclose PHI, and recommended practical solutions to enable providers to better ensure the confidentially and security of their residents’ PHI.

Robin and Mairi’s presentation was titled “Hospice in Assisted Living Facilities: Continued Scrutiny and Reform” and discussed the objectives underlying the 2016 reforms to the hospice reimbursement system, the enforcement priorities foreshadowed by the Office of the Inspector General’s concerns, and best practices for providers to stay ahead of further regulatory changes.

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