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Information Technology

The evolving, multifaceted nature of the information technology (IT) industry gives rise to a host of legal issues, ranging from intellectual property issues flowing from the creation of IT products and services, to the marketing, selection, and sale of such products and services, to privacy and information security challenges posed by the use of such products and services.  Our firm has counseled clients on all of these matters, as well as other issues related to IT.

We assist national retail chains, large hospital systems, financial and insurance institutions, and manufacturers on a complete range of sophisticated IT products and services acquisitions.  Our attorneys have negotiated multimillion dollar transactions for mission-critical IT services, outsourcing, web platforms, databases, and software licenses.  We help both emerging start-ups and mature businesses to navigate through the evolving IT trends and terminology, to realize returns on their investments, and to identify fair ways to obtain quality development and implementation services.

We also represent inventors, software vendors, consultants, ISPs, and telecommunications service providers on all aspects of creating, providing, selling, and licensing IT products and services.  We advise those clients on copyright and patent rights, trademarks, domain name issues, and the creation of employer-employee agreements that define and protect proprietary rights in the development of IT products and services.

In addition, our firm has been a leader in counseling clients on all aspects of privacy and information security law, and we have significant experience in assisting clients in the development of comprehensive data privacy and security strategies and in responding to large-scale data security incidents.