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Our firm has represented manufacturers for decades, and our lawyers are well aware of the challenges – including global competition, international sourcing, and cost containment, among others – that confront businesses operating in the manufacturing sector.  We represent some of the largest manufacturers in the world, including Honda of America Mfg., Inc., Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Goodrich Corporation, Worthington Industries, and Eaton Corporation.  Significantly, our performance for those clients has caused The BTI Consulting Group to name our firm as a top 25 law firm serving the manufacturing industry.

Our attorneys assist our manufacturing clients with the labor, employment, and workplace health and safety issues that have long been a focus of the manufacturing industry, including:

We also represent our manufacturing clients concerning legal issues that are an integral part of manufacturing operations in a global economy, such as:

Our experience with manufacturers has given us not only the ability to successfully defend claims, but also to advise manufacturers on programs and systems that reduce the risk of litigation.