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Illegal Online Seller Enforcement

Professional Beauty Products Diversion & Unauthorized Seller Enforcement

Vorys’ illegal online seller enforcement team has substantial experience working with professional beauty companies to protect their authorized distribution channels and combat unauthorized online sales. 

Our team works with professional beauty companies to structure their business, policies, and documentation to support enforcement against unauthorized sellers selling diverted products, and eliminate unauthorized sellers’ defense under the First Sale Doctrine. We also helps professional beauty companies implement policies and procedures to deter diversion and unauthorized sales, such as preparing specific anti-diversion policies for distribution to distributors and placement on the company website and on third-party websites, including eBay. 

Vorys also provides enforcement solutions and programs for professional beauty product companies.  Vorys has developed systems incorporating technology, investigation, and legal tactics to identify stop and remove diverters and unauthorized sellers.  We also have a database of relevant documents and experience with enforcement, which helps facilitate effective and efficient enforcement against unauthorized professional beauty care product sellers. Our experienced team regularly litigates against diverters and unauthorized sellers, when necessary, obtaining preliminary and permanent injunctions, discovery orders, and significant financial settlements and judgments, among other remedies.    

We are  also able to help skin care product companies market the results of our enforcement by speaking at distributor conferences, obtaining positive publicity on the company’s enforcement efforts, and preparing communications and sale materials to current and potential distributors regarding the enforcement efforts and results. 

Vorys is a member of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and has published articles on diversion in this industry, including an article published for the PBA titled “Proactive, Tangible Actions to Protect from Unauthorized Online Sales by Third Parties.”