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Illegal Online Seller Enforcement

Online Grey Market Enforcement

We match our attorneys, who prosecute online sellers, with a network of investigators and technology. This combination allows us to provide solutions and programs to efficiently and effectively eradicate online grey market sellers.    

Vorys assists companies in setting up and implementing policies and procedures and documentation that give the companies the ability to bring viable legal claims against those who sell products in authorized channels.  Vorys uses a network of investigators and technology to monitor and identify grey market sellers online. Working with our clients, we develop tailor-made programs to eradicate these grey market sellers using tactics ranging from low cost take down requests and cease and desist letters, to lawsuits and international enforcement and seizures. 

Vorys has substantial experience litigating against grey market sellers and obtaining various remedies, including injunctions, orders compelling grey market sellers to identify the source of their products, sanctions, and financial judgments and settlements. 

Our team also assists companies with communications regarding their enforcement efforts and programs which assist in convincing grey market sellers to cease selling products in unauthorized channels, and maintaining strong relationships with the company’s authorized distributors.