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Illegal Online Seller Enforcement

Direct Selling Unauthorized Seller Enforcement

Vorys’ illegal online seller enforcement team provides solutions and programs specifically tailored for multi-level marketing and direct selling companies to protect their authorized distribution channels and to combat unauthorized sales on the internet. 

We have developed systems and strategies incorporating technology, investigation, and legal enforcement to identify, stop, and remove those who sell products manufactured by direct selling companies without authorization online. Whether it is authorized distributors selling through online channels in violation of their distribution agreements, third parties selling diverted or stolen products, or “consumers” dumping large volumes of products online, Vorys has developed strategies to deal with them.  

Vorys has a database of relevant documents and information to support direct seller unauthorized sales enforcement, and also experience of what works and what does not in this industry, all of which helps maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of its enforcement against unauthorized sellers.

Vorys also helps direct selling companies fight product diversion and unauthorized sales by:    

Through our enforcement efforts, Vorys has been able to help direct selling companies remove thousands of unauthorized products sales from the internet, identify diverters and sellers, and demonstrate to their authorized distribution sales forces that they are attacking the unauthorized sales problem. We also help direct selling companies market the results of the enforcement efforts by speaking at distributor conferences, obtaining publicity on the companies’ enforcement efforts, and preparing communications and sale materials to current and potential distributors regarding the enforcement efforts and results. 

Vorys is a member of the Direct Selling Association. In addition, Vorys Partner Whitney Gibson was a featured speaker at the Direct Sellers Association 2015 Global Strategies Summit in Washington, D.C., where he gave a presentation entitled “Efficient & Effective Strategies for Addressing Unauthorized Sellers Online.”