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Financial Institutions

It is beyond dispute that financial institutions have become more dependent on technology.  With the increasing volume of patent litigation relating to financial technologies, institutions not only must protect their own technologies with patents, but also take preventive steps against patent infringement lawsuits, including patent “trolls”.   Patent trolls, who typically do not sell any products or services, have recently increased their litigation activities against financial institutions.  Our attorneys can defend financial institutions against patent troll litigation by using a variety of troll-specific strategies, including, for example, requesting a re-examination of the troll’s patent, filing a declaratory judgment action to have the patent declared invalid, and negotiating a favorable settlement.  Our attorneys can also help financial institutions maintain a comprehensive global patent strategy, including the following: mining for patentable technologies, developing in-house patent development and maintenance systems, preparing and prosecuting core technology patents, creating a patent portfolio, taking preventive measures against patent trolls, creating licensing programs, bringing litigation against infringers, and forging effective licensing arrangements.