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Patents, Inventions, and Technology Protection


Electronics and electrical technologies affect the day-to-day lives of millions of people around the world and influence the global economy.  Vorys electrical patent attorneys help clients protect investments made in their most critical electrical technology areas.  Our electrical patent attorneys have years of experience in preparing patent applications in the electrical technology area from semiconductors to wireless telecommunications.  The attorneys in this practice area counsel clients on complex intellectual property management of electrical devices and methods. We draft and prosecute patents, manage U.S. and worldwide patent portfolios, develop patent strategies and procedures, initiate re-examination of competitor patents, litigate patent infringement matters, simplify complex issues to judges and juries in patent trials, vigorously pursue our client’s positions in Markman hearings, advise clients on licensing transactions, and conduct intellectual property due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in a wide array of technology areas, including the following:  audio systems, automotive technologies, cable television technologies, circuits, computer hardware, communications, control systems, data recording technologies, displays, electro-mechanical systems, electronics, image processing, lasers, magnetic technologies, medical devices, nanotechnology, navigation technologies, networks, optics, printing technologies, radio technologies, robotics, semiconductors, software, telephony, video game technologies, video technologies, and wired and wireless telecommunications.