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Workplace Safety

Employment Intentional Tort

Since 1982, Ohio has allowed employees hurt on the job to sue their employers, as well as file workers’ compensation claims.  This is permitted under the theory that the employer intended the employee’s injury.  These so-called intentional tort claims expose Ohio employers to significant and unpredictable liability.  For as long as there have been such claims, Vorys lawyers have been defending them.

Vorys lawyers played an active role in the crafting of legislation that now regulates these claims.  Additionally, Vorys lawyers briefed the major Ohio Supreme Court employment intentional tort cases of the last 25 years.

The legal standards that now apply to these cases often make them suitable for pre-trial judgment in favor of the employer.  Because of our experience in defending employment intentional tort claims, Vorys lawyers are able to make early assessments about whether a case can be won through pre-trial motion and what exposures the case presents.  When pre-trial judgment or cost-effective settlement are not options, Vorys lawyers provide an effective defense at trial.

Often, the best resolutions of employment intentional tort claims also include the conclusion of related workers’ compensation and product liability claims.  The breadth and depth of experience enjoyed by Vorys lawyers in all of these types of claims give the firm’s clients the best representation on employment intentional tort allegations.