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Disability Law

The last 20 years brought an explosion in the claims against employers premised on the contention that an employee became disabled on account of work, the employer did not accommodate an employee’s disability, the employer failed to grant the employee legally mandated leave, or all of the above.  Vorys lawyers are constantly counseling some of the country’s largest and most sophisticated employers on how best to avoid these kinds of claims.  Likewise, Vorys lawyers are regularly defending claims made against employers. 

While the adoption of best practices to promote workplace safety can decrease claims for medical treatment and compensation related to on-the-job injury, claims under Ohio’s no-fault workers’ compensation system are inevitable.  Vorys has long had Ohio’s largest industrial injury defense practice.  Not only are Vorys lawyers knowledgeable in every aspect of defending state workers’ compensation claims, but we also help employers maintain workers’ compensation coverage at the lowest possible price, whether the employer is self-insured or a participant in the state fund.  Vorys is general counsel to the Ohio Self-Insurers Association and has been for more than a quarter century.

Disability discrimination claims threaten and often confound the modern employer.  The laws governing the accommodation of disabilities were drafted with a purposeful vagueness.  This feature of these laws encourages litigation.  Vorys’ clients turn to the firm daily for advice on how to structure their employment practices, so as to minimize exposure to claims and put themselves in the best possible position for defending any claim that might be made.

The FMLA is the best known of various federal, state and local laws requiring employers to grant employees leave for medical reasons.  Since the beginning of these types of laws, Vorys lawyers have worked with employers in the drafting of compliant policies, enforcement of these policies and the implementation of attendance control programs.  Our lawyers are also experienced and expert at litigating leave-based claims.