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Our lawyers counsel and assist clients in the highly complex area of immigration, nationality, and employer sanctions (I-9) law.  We focus our representation in this area on securing employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visas for our clients’ global workforces, though our representation necessarily includes related family-based immigration matters as well.  Our clients span the spectrum from entrepreneurs to large public corporations and operate in a broad range of industries, from automobile manufacturing to computer-related consulting services, and from retailing/fashion design to financial services.  Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys work with immigration specialist paralegals and support staff and the latest technical and automated tools to provide effective and efficient solutions to immigration problems. 

We also advise clients on important immigration-related employment issues, such as employment eligibility, verification and recordkeeping requirements.  We help clients establish new compliance programs, assess the effectiveness of existing compliance programs, and advise on critical improvements.  In addition, our lawyers focus on strategic planning with clients to avoid immigration-related problems.  We regularly monitor changes in laws and regulations to inform clients of new developments and assist them in complying with new requirements.