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E-Discovery and Electronic Information Management (EIM)

Extranets and Shared Information

An extranet is a private, secured website that allows two our more parties to share information and coordinate their work.  Such sites provide our clients with instantly accessible, up-to-date repositories of documents and materials that are important to a particular lawsuit, transaction, or other legal matter.   

Extranets are particularly well-suited to large-scale litigation.  In such matters, use of extranets can facilitate paperless litigation management and monitoring by allowing both clients and lawyers to use the extranet site to access pleadings, correspondence, deposition transcripts, and key case documents.  As a result, copying, facsimile transmission, postage, and hard copy storage costs are eliminated.

Our firm has significant experience in establishing extranets and providing the structure and services – such as search engines, calendars, task lists and discussion lists, database access, and secure document exchange – that make the extranet sites user-friendly and maximize their use as an efficient management tool.  Our lawyers and technical experts regularly work with clients to identify matters that are appropriate for extranet sites and to provide sites that are readily accessible and carefully tailored to the particular needs of the client and matter.