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Environmental Litigation

We regularly represent our environmental clients in courts across Ohio and the nation.   Our attorneys have defended clients in lawsuits involving claims of personal injury or property damage allegedly caused by exposure to hazardous, radioactive, and/or toxic substances from Superfund sites, landfills, manufacturing plants, and governmental facilities.  Often, such actions are brought as class actions, and our firm has extensive experience in addressing the unique procedural, factual, and legal issues that arise in putative class action cases. 

We have defended clients in cases involving claims of chemical spills and releases, air emissions, groundwater contamination, toxic mold, workplace exposures, and construction and excavation discoveries.  Our lawyers have addressed the nuisance, trespass, emotional distress, and other common law claims that typically are asserted in such cases, as well as the federal and state laws that may be invoked.  We also defend against citizen suits brought under Ohio law, RCRA, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, CERCLA, and SARA.

Our work in this area includes the following matters: