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In the United States, fires and explosions account for nearly 4,000 deaths, 18,000 injuries, and $10 billion in property damage annually.  Our firm represents clients in litigating claims arising from all kinds of fires and explosions, ranging from catastrophic house fires to large-scale chemical or industrial explosions.  From initial investigation to final judgment, our attorneys work closely with experts, government investigators, and insurance companies to protect and enforce the rights of our clients. 

Rapid response and proper evidence preservation are critical to fire and explosion investigations.  Our attorneys are experienced at working with federal, state, and local authorities to quickly implement site and evidence preservation.  In addition, our lawyers are trained in the areas of artifact inspection, witness interviews, and critical evaluation of expert theories that are important aspects of fire and explosion litigation. Our attorneys are skilled at marshalling and effectively presenting lay and expert evidence that address causation issues and other matters governing liability.

We have assisted numerous clients struggling to recover from devastating fires or explosions to resume operations, identify liable parties, and receive just compensation.  Our attorneys have obtained compensation for loss of life, lost livelihood, property damage, business interruption, and lost profits for our clients, who include both individuals and large and small commercial entities.  Our firm also has frequently defended clients against claims that defective products caused fires.