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White Collar Defense

One of the most sensitive areas in which we practice involves counseling and defending clients with respect to “white collar” matters.  Our lawyers regularly assist corporations and their officers, directors, and employees in matters involving internal compliance issues and external investigations – whether our clients are the focus or target of allegations of impropriety, investigations, third-party witnesses, or the victims of criminal conduct.

Our attorneys include experienced former prosecutors who have a deep understanding of the defense and prosecution function as it relates to these very sensitive matters.  Where our clients are the focus of governmental attention, our lawyers understand the need for both discretion and immediate action, as well as the importance of attending to the parallel consequences that often accompany these matters.  Although we often participate in high-profile matters for high-profile clients, we also pride ourselves on resolving matters for our clients through efforts that go wholly unnoticed by the media or the public.  We provide our clients with zealous representation that seeks to avoid unnecessary publicity about our clients’ identity and involvement.     

We conduct internal investigations and compliance reviews, interact with federal and state law enforcement and/or prosecutorial personnel, and counsel clients with respect to responses to governmental subpoenas and requests for testimony. We offer our clients experience in providing effective, multi-level responses to investigations. Depending on the situation, our efforts may be expended in convincing the government that no action, or different action, is the best and most appropriate course under the circumstances.  When the government does elect to initiate formal proceedings, our lawyers rely upon their skills, their knowledge of applicable constitutional, statutory, procedural, and evidentiary protections, and their significant courtroom experience to aggressively defend our clients.