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Toxic Torts

Chemical and Radiation Exposure

Our firm has more than two decades of experience in litigating claims of chemical and radiation exposure.  Often, such cases are brought as large class actions involving claims of personal injury, property damage, stigma, emotional distress, and loss of use and enjoyment of property.  Our attorneys have defeated efforts to certify such cases as class actions and have successfully defended our clients on the merits of the remaining individual or consolidated claims.  In addition, many of our lawyers serve as national counsel for large corporations that are frequently targets of serial chemical exposure lawsuits filed throughout the country.

Chemical and radiation exposure cases inevitably present complex scientific questions of general and specific causation in which expert witnesses play a critical role.  In such cases, our attorneys work closely with highly trained experts in a wide range of scientific disciplines.  We are skilled at making complicated scientific questions understandable to judges and juries and, where appropriate, at pursuing Daubert challenges to the admissibility of dubious testimony from opposing experts.  Our firm also is well-versed in the law applicable to the state-of-the art and conspiracy issues that often arise in chemical and radiation exposure cases. Finally, we have experience in dealing with the other special challenges that often are presented, such as the need to collect, review, organize, and produce documents spanning decades of plant operations. 

Our experience in this area includes defense of claims based on exposures to enriched uranium, technetium, transuranics, PCBs, vinyl chloride, benzene, butadiene, TCE, manganese, formaldehyde, ortho-toluidine, and many other chemicals and radioactive substances.  We have defended claims involving a wide variety of alleged industrial sources including nuclear weapons plants, uranium enrichment facilities, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, toxic waste facilities, landfills, power plants, and incinerators.  In addition, as a result of our representation of former and current contractors to the Department of Energy in radiation and chemical exposure cases at federal nuclear facilities in Ohio and Kentucky, a number of our attorneys hold government security clearances.