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Professional Liability and Discipline

Professional Licensing and Discipline

We represent physicians and other health care professionals in connection with professional licensing and disciplinary matters.  Such matters may arise without significant advance notice, through accusations by patients, colleagues, or others, as a result of normal oversight activities, or as a collateral consequence of medical malpractice litigation, credentialing disputes, fiscal audits by governmental and private insurers, health care fraud and abuse investigations, or criminal prosecutions.  Our extensive experience in this area allows us to respond to all health care professional licensing board matters promptly and efficiently.

Our lawyers have represented clients before health care professional licensing boards in a wide variety of matters, ranging from full-blown litigation of disciplinary actions attempting to revoke a practitioner’s professional license or seeking to impose other sanctions to assistance in solving administrative problems that may pose risks to a practitioner’s ability to obtain, or retain, his license.  All such matters are extremely important and must be handled carefully, prudently, and with discretion and a sense of perspective.  Our lawyers provide creative and flexible representation tailored to our client’s specific immediate and long-term interests.