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Public Records and Open Meetings

Our firm regularly represents both public clients and private clients in a broad range of matters involving issues under public records and open meetings laws.  Our work in this area includes advising clients on their rights and obligations under such laws and, when necessary, representing them in litigation.

We advise many public bodies, such as county and city governments, school districts, libraries, hospitals, and port authorities, on public records and open meetings issues.  We assist those clients as they manage, review, prepare, and produce records in response to requests from the general public and the media.  We also advise clients on how to conduct meetings in compliance with various sunshine laws.

In addition, it often is important for private clients – whether individuals, businesses, or members of the news media – to obtain and review records maintained by various state and federal government bodies.  We help our clients obtain those governmental records through use of public records laws.  We also counsel clients who engage in business activities with public bodies on whether information they submit to governmental entities may be construed as a public record and assist clients in protecting their proprietary business information to the maximum extent permitted by law.