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Patent Litigation

Technological innovation and the application of patent laws to the development of new products and concepts are crucial to the business of many of our clients.  Our lawyers are skilled in using patent litigation to protect and enhance our clients’ most vital assets. 

Our firm has enforced clients’ patents so as to thwart infringement by competitors and to establish license agreements that provide new royalty revenue streams.  We also have defended lawsuits challenging the validity of our clients’ patents.  Recent court precedents modifying the laws of patentability on subject matter and obviousness, among others, have created new opportunities and new pitfalls in patent litigation, and we carefully consider this rapidly changing legal landscape in crafting winning litigation strategies.  Our attorneys have significant patent litigation experience including matters with large potential damages for corporate clients in federal courts and agencies.

In all cases, we draw upon the knowledge and experience of lawyers who specialize in both patent prosecution and patent litigation to search for prior art, analyze patents against challenges, and take other steps necessary to aggressively represent our clients’ patent interests.