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Health Care Litigation

Provider and Patient Rights/Medicare Litigation

Vorys is a recognized leader in the arena of provider rights under Medicaid.  Increasingly, the courts are clamping down on the rights of providers to compel state agencies to abide by federal Medicaid law.  We have extensive experience with the interplay between federal, state, and local administration of the Medicaid program, and have successfully litigated these issues on behalf of providers throughout Ohio.

In appropriate cases, our health care litigators also represent consumers who are seeking to receive health care services from their provider of choice.  Often, these controversies arise with respect to services provided under state and federal assistance programs, including Medicaid and Medicare.  For example, our firm has been a leading voice in advocating for the rights of Medicaid‑eligible consumers of behavioral health services.  Our trial lawyers have appeared before county boards, the Social Security Administration, state and federal agencies, and in state and federal courts to champion the rights of consumers to receive appropriate behavioral health services.