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Health Care Litigation

Health Care False Claims Act Actions/Civil and Criminal Investigations

Government agencies have aggressively escalated their investigations and prosecutions of health care entities.  Increasingly, the vehicle of choice for pursuing claims against health care providers is the federal False Claims Act.  The FCA allows cases to be brought by “whistle‑blowers” suing on behalf of the government against those alleged to have submitted false claims for payment to an officer of the United States. 

Our firm has wide‑ranging experience in litigating False Claims Act cases, including successfully defending our clients at trial.  Our False Claims Act includes obtaining dismissal of a case alleging that a hospital overcharged Medicare and Medicaid on various claims.  We also have assisted clients in conducting internal investigations, advised corporations on the advantages and disadvantages of voluntary disclosure of overpayments or other compliance issues, and worked to convince the Department of Justice not to intervene in civil fraud cases brought by qui tam relators.  In addition, we counsel clients on the creation of compliance programs designed to protect against fraud and abuse charges.