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Federal Government Relations

Our Washington, D.C.-based government relations attorneys use their experience with Congress and the Executive Branch to assist our clients in their interactions with the federal government. Businesses need access to federal agencies and officials to respond to fast-paced developments in our nation and the world, and to make their positions heard with respect to national policy and legislative and rulemaking initiatives that affect their goods, services, and ideas. Our practice is geared toward assuring that our clients' voices are heard within a framework that emphasizes careful compliance with all applicable statutes and rules.

Our approach to federal government relations is proactive rather than reactive. We monitor legislative proposals to assure that clients have the earliest possible opportunities to assess the need for their involvement in the deliberative processes of the federal government. Our attorneys regularly meet with Senators, Representatives, and their staff, with legislative research services officials, and with others in order to advance our clients’ positions.

Our attorneys help our clients to identify and persuasively demonstrate problems with existing statutes and with pending legislation, and then we participate in the process of drafting bills and amendments designed to correct those problems. We build the cases for our clients’ positions, highlight the data supporting those positions, and prepare testimony and other statements used in persuading members of Congress and other opinion leaders of the merit of those positions. Our firm also regularly works with trade associations and public policy groups, other Washington offices, public relations firms, and lobbying coalitions to coordinate our clients’ approach to legislative activity, expand support for that approach, and enhance the effectiveness of our clients’ efforts.