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E-Discovery and Electronic Information Management (EIM)

Businesses run on information, and recent statistics state that more than 90 percent of all information is now communicated and stored electronically.  Our attorneys regularly assist clients for whom the creation and retention of vital information is a mission-critical part of their business. 

Our firm has been proactive in assessing and preparing for the challenges posed by electronic discovery and the rules governing such discovery.  We offer clients an e-discovery core group of lawyers who have undergone rigorous Information Technology training.  Those lawyers understand IT professionals, understand their language, and have been exposed to various technical issues related to e-discovery.  Our litigation support professionals also have extensive software experience and appreciate the legal implications of different IT strategies.

We work to save our clients money through proven strategies for collecting and analyzing relevant data to meet litigation discovery demands.   Our attorneys assist our clients in reviewing their records creation, retention, and destruction policies and in comparing those current practices to best practices.  We also counsel clients in developing litigation holds that withstand scrutiny by opposing counsel and by courts.