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We represent clients across the spectrum of the construction industry, including property owners, developers, architects, engineers, public and private contracting authorities, financial institutions, contractors, and material suppliers.  Our construction litigation attorneys have specialized experience and include a former contractor and a professional engineer.  They work closely with our clients and with experts to quickly identify issues and strategies and to effectively manage claims and the construction dispute resolution process. 

Our construction litigation attorneys also facilitate consultation with other attorneys at the firm to ensure clients have a complete understanding of all aspects of the construction and dispute resolution process, including planning, land acquisition and zoning, design and engineering, financing and insurance, bidding and negotiation, project delivery methods, scheduling, and coordination.  This breadth of experience allows us to identify weaknesses in our opponents’ cases, to identify and retain knowledgeable experts on specific topics, and to achieve effective claims resolution, whether through litigation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution process.  

Our construction attorneys have acted as national coordinating counsel for building product manufacturers and major retailers and have played crucial roles in high-visibility construction projects across Ohio.  They also have represented clients in disputes involving public works projects, industrial and manufacturing facilities, highways and bridges, commercial facilities, nuclear and fossil fuel facilities, hospital and retirement facilities, libraries, schools, shopping centers, hotels, and residential projects.