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We represent clients in litigating all manner of business disputes - whether the dispute threatens the very existence of a company, clarifies an ongoing business relationship, or presents an important point of principle, even though the amount of money at issue is small. We have litigated claims of breach of a contract, lease, or other written instrument, the break-up of a partnership or joint venture, the contentious departure of a company official, class actions, fraud claims, multi-district litigation battles for control of business entities, and all other types of commercial controversies. 

Our lawyers are skilled at identifying and arguing threshold legal issues that may avoid protracted litigation, at efficiently and effectively managing discovery, even in cases involving production of millions of pages of documents or enormous amounts of electronic data, and at understanding and persuasively presenting, to courts and juries, issues that are legally and factually complex.  Equally important, we are sensitive to the need to minimize the business disruption that may result from litigation of business disputes and to seek results that are consistent with our clients’ larger corporate strategies and goals.

In today’s complex business world, effective resolution of commercial disputes often involves more than trial work.  Many clients are parties to written instruments that mandate that disputes be resolved by arbitration, mediation, or some other form of alternative dispute resolution.  In other cases, clients may choose such mechanisms as a more efficient and effective means of resolving their disputes.  Our lawyers have experience in representing clients in arbitrations, mediations, and all forms of alternative dispute resolution, and are proficient in using those mechanisms to achieve positive results for our clients.