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Information Technology, New Media and Advertising

Media and Publishing

We assist clients with advising, negotiating and drafting a variety of agreements that address media and publishing issues, including agreements with agents, publishers, networks, online media and cable broadcasters. Our lawyers represent and advise authors, developers (including multimedia developers) and other creators with respect to publishing and usage rights for their books, e-books, blogs, multimedia and video sites, Web sites, gadgets, widgets, software, video and game creations, and other creative work product. We also represent purchasers and vendors of multimedia services and have experience in First Amendment, defamation, and privacy disputes.

Our work with respect to broadcast activities takes many forms, from negotiating exclusive event and content agreements with major networks and interactive, multimedia sites, to securing the necessary rights from actors appearing in our clients’ television commercials, to protecting the right to publish and distribute content in various formats over the internet. Our lawyers are experienced in identifying and helping our clients acquire all of the media rights necessary to implement creative advertising and marketing campaigns, and we provide such services to a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Authors and developers, especially those new to the publishing world, frequently have questions about protection of their manuscript, fair royalty rates, electronic publishing, control over their content and the meaning of the many subsidiary rights that publishers typically seek to control, among other matters. Our attorneys help large institutional and commercial clients, as well as individual authors and developers, in taking a literary or multimedia work from the concept stage through printing and distribution. When possible, our lawyers may assist clients in finding appropriate agents and marketing consultants or in preparation of terms and conditions for distribution of creative works on line. When publishing and distribution agreements are negotiated, our experienced lawyers strive to produce agreements that maximize the future potential of the creative work, while reserving the proper level of control for the author.